Ericeira is a small fishing village located northwest of central Lisbon and just 20 minutes drive from Lisbon and Cascais.

The Ericeira region is well known in terms of surfing due to the waves of the area, which surfers say are different. It has very well-known beaches for surfing like the beach of  Ribeira d’ Ilhas (world surfing reserve), Coxos beach in Ribamar, among many others.

In addition to surfing, Ericeira also offers the variety of many other activities, such as tennis, walking tours and horseback riding, shopping in the local market, excellent seafood restaurants and also has a great cultural and historical heritage.

Neighborhoods and typical areas:

Fishermen’s Neighborhood

San Sebastian


Saint Peter

Blue Neighborhood

Santa Marta


Other places of interest:

Fisherman’s Beach

Ribamar – locality known for fresh seafood and caught in the region

Fishing port – has traditional boats and regular movement of jagozes (fishermen typical of the village)

Furnas – sunset

South Beach Viewpoint – panoramic view of the sunset and the entire length of the beach.