Terra Lodge is an author’s project that comes from the dream of sharing the love for nature, for the sea, for the sun, for the little good things in life. It is located in Santo Isidoro, a typical Portuguese rural village, 800 meters from Ribeira D’Ilhas Beach, a unique surfing nature reserve in Europe, only 5 kilometers from Ericeira.

In a green valley sheltered from the wind, blessed by the sun 300 days a year, where the church bell can be heard every hour and birds sing, in a real village with all its grace, simplicity and peace, just 30 minutes of Lisbon, fresh and vibrant city, full of light, color and history.

In this project, thought and created by me, we used ancient and local construction techniques, resorting almost exclusively to noble materials such as stone, wood and iron, used very close to their primary form. Almost everything that exists here has been rebuilt, reconverted or reused, with industrial inspiration, seeking a contemporary rural reconstruction, comfortable and welcoming.

This space was designed for families, for friends, so they can spend a happy day in a place with beach and field, where they can walk, listen to the birds, surf, plant their veggie garden, play with their children or dog, or simply contemplate the sunset in all tranquility. No rush, just time to experience life fully.


TERRA LODGE (Mission, Values and Space)



The Earth is my planet

Allow yourself the luxury of sleeping and waking up on a planet that likes you.  

Terra Lodge is a lodging unit composed of 6 autonomous houses with direct door to the outside with capacity for 4 to 6 people. Houses have been rebuilt in place of old mill, corral and agricultural warehouse. Now developed, recreated and adapted to provide comfort and convenience to our guests. Every house is equipped with TV, Wi-Fi, minibar, microwave, and private bathroom.

Here you will have an opportunity to enjoy a fabulous breakfast made from natural products whether from our veggie garden (fruit and vegetables) or from local producers (Mafra bread, jams, regional sweets) that can be taken in the kitchen or on the outside porch.

We also have our Volkswagen Kombi where you can have a different night.

The kitchen with its unique design is for common use, fully equipped and can be shared and used by our guests, with exception of private workshop hours.  All the construction and decoration were made using noble materials such as wood, stone and iron, old furniture was rebuilt and renovated contributing to sustainability of our planet.



Land ahoy

The Earth does not end; is where it ends when the sea begins

The Terra Lodge offers its guests various activities, starting with surf that plays a major role in this area.

Within a radius of 5 km you will find 20 beaches with excellent conditions for surfing. Ericeira is one of the three surfing reserves in the world, where the best surf schools in the country are located.

The Ribeira D’Ilhas Beach, 10 walking minutes from the lodge, is the scene of the surfing world championship, with privileged conditions for surfing and other related activities.




I feel connected to the Earth

Everything I do, is to feel closer to the Earth

Terra Lodge gives opportunity to its guests to retreat from every-day life and merge with the nature. Here you will find excellent environment and conditions for spiritual practices. We have built an open pavilion, inserted in nature, called the Buddha’s House using the measurements of the Fibonnacci sequence.

We have thought of everything so you have a place to deepen your spiritual practice and find the perfect balance of your inner energy.

This place is suitable for various practices and activities, including yoga, tai-chi, meditation or to have a wonderful massage. Come and find your inner peace, balance, harmony and feel closer to your essence.

This space is also suitable for physical exercise (for example a gym or fitness class) that we would be happy to welcome.

We also have an ample outdoor space that allows you to relax, rest, play football or do any outdoor activity. Here you can also take yoga or gymnastics classes, in a clean and healthy environment, where you can breathe fresh air.





Everything I eat comes from Earth

Everything I do begins on Earth

The Terra Lodge was designed so that you can fully enjoy the best that nature gives us.

So, the guests have not only at their disposal a veggie garden, where they can plant and harvest their own plants, fruits, seeds but also all the meals that are created here are combination of ingredients that we have planted in our veggie garden and the products of best local and regional producers.

We also have bikes that you can use to go to the beach or to have a walk close to nature.

In addition to these services, other services and experiences may be available depending on the season. Find out what else we have to offer you.

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Earth to Earth

Come make Terra your home and find the perfect balance between work and rest


Terra Lodge has spaces that allow remote work, either inside our homes or in the common space. All of them have a wifi network, which allows you to work with any part of the world without giving up being in a beautiful, peaceful place, inserted in nature and 1.5 km from the beach (from Ribeira D’Ilhas). You can also take a break and enjoy one of our yoga or surf lessons or just take a dip in the pool and get some sun.

We believe that our space can be your home and place of work for some time. Let’s redefine work habits.



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With our feet on the ground 

Health and safety are paramount

We live in challenging times and we are all adapting to a new reality that has caught us all off guard. With it, a lesson in humility, to which no one was indifferent.

Unfortunately, due to  the outbreak of COVID-19, we were forced to change some rules for how the space works for the sake of everyone. These are temporary changes and we hope very soon that we can return to normal operation.

  • The pool has a limited use.
  • The shared kitchen is not available for cooking (nor the barbecue) and / or having any meal, and guests must cook and dine inside the house where they are staying or in the outside space, always keeping the minimum safety distance of 2 meters in relation to other guests.
  • Breakfast is no longer served as a buffet, but is now delivered individually to each home.

The health and safety of our guests has always been important to us, but it is now important to emphasize that we are improving all procedures, namely:

We have an Internal Action Protocol related to the outbreak of COVID-19, namely with regard to cleaning and hygiene, obeying the recommendations of DGS, WHO and Turismo de Portugal, which can be requested by any guest.

All of our employees are trained and follow guidelines for strict compliance with all safety, cleaning and hygiene rules, namely within the scope of the aforementioned protocol.

Contact between employees and guests will be kept to a minimum.

We created new spaces abroad to be able to enjoy nature, with all the convenience and security.

We ask guests to comply with all basic measures and precautions for preventing and controlling infection in relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, which are the responsibility of each:

  • Rules of social conduct: keeping a distance of at least 2 meters between them, wearing a mask and avoiding touching hands with objects in common use and sharing objects.
  • Hand hygiene rules: washing your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or with aseptic alcohol-based solution.
  • Respiratory etiquette rules: cough or sneeze into the flexed forearm or use tissue paper, which should then be immediately thrown away.

As we know that every day is unpredictable and that it is difficult to make decisions, we changed our cancellation policy until December, allowing for last minute cancellations.

It rests us to know that Terra Lodge is located in a small village and inserted in nature; we have a wide and open exterior area, with different environments; our houses have direct access to the outside; we are a small space; we don’t have air conditioning.

We will be here to welcome you with all the affection and attention you always have, even without kisses and hugs, because Terra Lodge was designed to welcome you and provide you with good times.


Terra Lodge – Nature House

 Calçada do Cravo, n.º 18, 
Santo Isidoro
2640-086 Santo Isidoro MFR

+ 351 927746193


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